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When I tried to reset the password

When I tried to reset the password

  1. I am interested in exploring cryptocurrency.

  2. My experience attempting to invest online.

    need to be secure → long password → forgot the password → can’t reset the password → can’t log in → ☹️

User Research

Conducted interviews with five individuals and gained valuable insights.


After conducting user interviews and secondary research, I synthesized the gathered information to create two personas based on their level of knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency trading.

<aside> 🌱 Crypto Beginner


Yuzu, a recent college graduate in her early 20s, has just landed her first full-time job and is eager to start building up her savings. She has turned to crypto as an alternative investment option after hearing about it from some friends. Using a mobile app, she buys small amounts of various coins and monitors their prices and charts periodically.

<aside> 🎯 Goals

<aside> 🧩 Pain Points

<aside> 🌳 Crypto Enthusiast


Max is a 34-year-old professional who has been investing some of his disposable income in crypto. To improve his liquidity, Max holds stablecoins. Although he has tried out some DeFi products, he found that they require multiple wallets. Max believes that moving and managing assets between wallets is inefficient and costly.

<aside> 🎯 Goals

<aside> 🧩 Pain Points

Competitor Analysis

I choose 3 apps that are used by the user from the user interview phase.

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> Binance

4.6⭐ (882K reviews) | 50M+ Downloads

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> Pintu

4.4⭐ (35.4K reviews) | 1M+ Downloads

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> Indodax

4.5⭐ (108K reviews) | 1M+ Downloads

Pintu and Indodax services are focused on Cryptocurrency exchange, while Binance has more services and a lite version for beginners. Some of the important features for new users are learning ****features. These apps already provide learning resources. But for users with little to no experience in trading, it is still difficult to understand how to use the app. They also already have a price alert feature that is useful to let us know when there is a price change in a specific asset price.

Design Challenge

Need to design a seamless and useful cryptocurrency exchange to support beginner users with optimal product constraints.

How might we create a beginner friendly Minimal Loveable Product for cryptocurrency exchange?